Tree Surveys

We can provide tree surveys for a variety of purposes. From a few trees in a small area such as a garden, to public open spaces, parkland, or larger estates.

Tree inspections from a single tree to as many as you specify. Each tree will be individually accessed to the required industry standard and a report supplied, outlining the dimensions and condition of the tree, pests and diseases, and proposals for remedial work or actions if required.

Woodland management

If you own a woodland, and are unsure of how to successfully manage this resource to its full potential, we will be able to assist. Should you be considering the creation of a new woodland, we will be pleased to assist with the design, species selection and support any grant application that may be available.

Site Surveys

We will be pleased to offer our services to provide site surveys to BS 5837:2012 standards to meet your planning and development proposal requirements.

Landscaping Proposals

Should you have any landscaping considerations from small domestic projects to larger development proposals, please contact us for advice or assistance.

Tree Hazard Assessments

We will carry out a full hazard assessment of trees under your ownership should you have any doubts as to their condition. This may be of concern to you as the custodian of the tree. As a tree owner there is a duty of care to maintain the tree as safely as is practicable. You may be liable if the tree causes damage to property, highways, the users, and your neighbours. We will be pleased to carry out a hazard assessment to address any concerns and offer remedial advice and proposals as necessary.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Trees are often overlooked when purchasing a new property. Those in the garden, growing on adjacent properties, including parks or woodland, and on the highway, may be a source of future problems often not recognised until the property has been purchased and occupied. We are able, through years of experience of these potential areas of concern, to offer advice on the likelihood of problems and give proposals as to solving any potential areas of conflict.The picture on the right shows the potential problem of having a neighbouring tree.